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Shared Ventures Ltd™ is a subsidiary company of Collins Corporate Solutions Ltd. Registered in England No: 09629981.

Registered address: 59 Peters Road, Locks Heath, Hampshire SO31 6EL

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Shared service delivery models can leverage greater value and wider social gain and provide real and credible delivery alternatives to mergers and acquisitions.

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We work with Board members, executive and senior teams, residents and other stakeholders providing a range of bespoke consultancy services to build appetite, trust, rapport and momentum for change across like-minded businesses.

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Shared service partners retain their independent business entities and can have equitable stakes in the shared business and in decision making, whilst benefiting from the pooled resources, surpluses and efficiencies gained.  

Shared service arrangements recognise that smaller organisations need access to quality and scale, and larger organisations need to generate efficiencies.

Unlike outsourcing or mergers, operational control and ownership of shared service ventures are retained and shared across the partnership.

Public organisations who shy away from sharing will find it difficult to justify strategic options which don’t at least explore whether collaborative advantage would provide a step change in organisational capacity and capability.

Sharon Collins MBA, CIHCM, MCMI, CTArc
Tel: 01489 557 800  |  Mob: 07740 482 976  |  Email us

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Sharon Collins MBA, CIHCM, MCMI, CTArc
Tel: 01489 557 800  |  Mob: 07740 482 976  |  Email us

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